JC Casad, Artist

Mixed Media

A non-traditional series of ‘Redside’ Rainbow Trout as they feed and escape predators. Some, of which win – others not so lucky. A survivalist cycle of life.

All fish and wildlife are handmade with an acrylic gel referred to as “skin”. A few wildlife images are embellished digital prints.

Texture was added from grit and pebbles from Blue River, base of the legendary “Lucky Boy” gold mine.

Who knows? There could be a flake of Gold in the mix…

Casad lives in the McKenzie River region of Oregon. The past six years her volunteer efforts include: Tourism development; McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce, McKenzie Track & Field, and coordinating festivals. “I absolutely love life! Epicure, Wellness, Gardening, Hiking, Travel Explorations, Fly Fishing and now Spey Fishing.”

Casad enjoys the abundance the world offers. Photography collections of travel destinations provide art material and inspiration.


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View Casad’s latest paintings January 5-29, 2016

These works are much more impressive up-close in person.

The Gold, Silver & Copper Leaf reflect sparkling light.

Art exhibit at McKenzie River Clinic in Blue River, Oregon